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Check your child/teens spine and also their posture.

Look for uneven hips, uneven shoulders, uneven shoulder blades, prominent rib cage sticking out, uneven
leg length, might appear clumsy or keep tripping due to being off balance, headaches, stomach aches, the
list goes on.

If in any doubt visit a specialist pediatric orthopaedic spinal consultant. They are the professionals and know
what to look for.

Early detection is vital as once puberty hits it can be a quick and extremely rapid deterioration.
Scoliosis can affect anyone at any age, not just children.

Scoliosis is an invisible condition and can have a huge impact on the quality of life with limited activity, chronic
pain and reduced respiratory function due to the heart and lungs being crushed.
It takes seconds to spot someone with scoliosis.

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